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MAKE THE SWITCH: Substitution without Sacrificing

Did you know that the average family uses about 10,000 polyester baby wipes per year? Imagine how many that is in your neighborhood alone. That’s a lot of waste! Most disposable baby wipes are made from polyester, which is plastic and therefore not biodegradable. This means that they can take up to 100 years to

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What’s this whole buzz about ‘Going Green’ and saving the Planet? We have been hearing about it for so long and there are so many people, companies, and organizations that are determined to make eco-friendly choices every single day to help the future of our planet. If more people make the switch to eco-friendly products

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Trash It Don’t Flush It!

The use of wet wipes has become more popular, with a range of styles available including eye make-up removers, baby wipes and ‘toilet’ wipes. But incorrect labelling and marketing of wet wipes as ‘flushable’ has resulted in serious plumbing issues by contributing to ‘fatbergs’ – congealed lumps of fat, sanitary items, wet wipes and so

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