Yugi Biodegradable wet wipes, Face and Body Wipes for Camping (9 packs, 225 wipes)

(9 Packs of 25)


SKU L1-GC7P-MI7M Category

Brand: Yugi Green
Skin Type: Sensitive
Material Feature: Compostable
Unit Count: 225 Count
Number of Items: 9

  • Keep yourself fresh and clean from head to toe without worrying about a stinky aroma or unwelcome critters on your hiking trip – use our non-scented, biodegradable wipes with no alcohol, balanced pH and Chamomile+ Calendula infused for your sensitive skin!
  • Going #2 in the wilderness? Don’t suffer from a monkey bottom! Our soft-clothed biodegradable wipes are here to keep your bottom clean and protected for your camping trips!
  • Keep your conscience clean – just bury the biodegradable wet wipes in the soil or in Home Compost to dispose them completely guilt-free.
  • Gentle On Skin – As Baby Wipes, Kids And Adult Wipes: Get a hygienic wet wipes that not only cleans but soothes.
  • Multipurpose wipes for Adults and Kids – pocket size and single wipe pull out, designed to easily pull one out without the hassle of fighting the next one to remain inside the package. Dimensions (7.9’x7.5’)
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